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Thread: Very rare Guides,Articles,Manuals and More for you to Download from Ozibimmer (Addam

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    Very rare Guides,Articles,Manuals and More for you to Download from Ozibimmer (Addam

    Very rare Guides,Articles,Manuals and More for you to Download from Ozibimmer (Addam Smith)
    Here They Are

    Haynes BMW E30-E28-E34 Series Service and Repair Manual

    BMW 2002 Tii Kugelfischer Guide

    BMW 2002 Colour Chart all Models

    BMW E21 75-82 Big Workshop Manual

    BMW 320i E21 M20 Workshop Manual

    BMW Workshop Manual Radiator E21 3 Series

    BMW E21 Alpina Parts Book

    BMW E21 Zender Brochure

    BMW E21 Accessories MK Motorsport

    BMW E21 BBS Accessories Brochure

    BMW E23 1986 owners Manual

    BMW E30 Modification Book

    BMW E30 Alpina Tech Catalogue

    BMW Electrical Troubleshooting E30 318i,is 1991

    Bentley 5 Series E34 Service Manual

    Bentley 5 Series E39 Service Manual

    Fuel Injection Fault Tracing

    Gasoline Fuel-Injection System K-Jetronic

    Gasoline Fuel-Injection System L-Jetronic

    M-Motronic Engine Management

    Bosch-D-Jet Fuel Injection Testing

    Bosch -D-Jetronic-Fuel-Injection-Manual

    Bosch-D-Jetronic-Fuel-Injection R17TS

    Bosch-EFi-Fuel Injection System (Covers Bosch D-Jetronic, L-Jetronic, LH-Jetronic, LH-Motronic, K-Jetronic and KE-Jetronic Fuel Injection Systems)

    Bosch-Emissions Technical Instruction

    Haynes Automotive Diagnostics Fault Codes Manual

    L-Jetronic Fuel Injection Systems for BMW E12's

    Weber DCOE Service Manual

    Weber-Carburettors Parts Diagrams and Part Numbers

    Stromberg 175 and SU-HS 6 Carbs

    Stromberg-175-Instruction Book Volvo P1800

    Tuning-SU-Carburettors-Speed-Sport-Motor Books 1968

    Timing Belt Replacement Chart

    Modifying Production Cylinder Heads Clive Trickey Porting Air Flow Racing Engine

    BMW Ignition Spark Ignition Management N54

    Catalogue Janspeed Feb 1981

    BMW ECU Wiring Diagrams

    Automotive Electrical Handbook HP Books

    ECU Repair BDM

    Bosch Testing Ignition Coils

    Bosch Automotive Handbook

    BMW Auto Trans Fluids Factory Data

    BMW Wheel Alignment

    BMW Product Info Vanos

    BMW Airbag


    BMW Diagnosis

    BMW DTC Codes


    BMW Power System Supply

    BMW Torques Specs All Sizes

    BMW Transmission Fundamentals

    How To Modify Ford s-o-h-c Engines David Vizard

    Getrag 245 Information

    Getrag 245 Short Shifter and Platform Pivot Riser

    BMW E46-65 Automatic Transmission

    BMW E46-E65 Electronic Automatic Transmission Control

    AL4-DPO-Tranmission rebuild Manual

    ZF Tech Guide

    BMW ZF 3hp 22 Transmission Guide

    BMW ZF 5HP19 Automatic Transmission

    BMW 4 HP 16 Transmission

    BMW ZF 4hp 22,24- Parts Manual

    BMW ZF 5HP 18-19-20-22 Diagnostic Guide

    BMW ZF 5HP 19 Transmission Repair Manual

    BMW ZF 5HP19

    BMW 5HP 24 Automatic Transmission-Spare Parts Catalogue

    ZF 5HP 24 Spare Parts Catalogue

    BMW ZF 6HP 26 Repair Manual

    BMW ZF 6HP 26-28 Spare Parts Catalogue

    BMW Functions of 6 hp 19,26,32 In German

    Bentley Inspection I Check List

    Bentley Inspection II Check List

    BMW Cruise Control Actuator 1985 to 1996 Technical Data

    BMW Cruise Control E23-E28 Technical Data

    BMW M52TU Engine Training Manual

    BMW M62 Engine X5 Details

    E38 Articles

    Buying Guide E38 7-Series Total BMW May 2004

    Buying Guide E38 7-Series Total BMW December 2009

    Buying Guide E38 7-Series V8 Total BMW June 2005

    Buying Guide E38 750i Total BMW August 2004

    E38 Ownership Guide 7-Series

    Alpina B12 5.7 Ekat

    E38 740i Seventh Heaven

    E38 740i The Art of Illusion

    E38 750iL Sumptuous Seven

    E38 Alpina B12 6.0 Singing in the Blue

    E38 Long Haul Super-Rare E38 L7

    E38 Current Drain[/u]

    E38 7 Series E39 5 Series Heater Valve Repair

    E39 Articles [/u]

    E39 Ultimate Buyers Guide BMW Car 6-2006

    E39 5-Series Ownership Guide

    Buying Guide 5-Series E39 V8 July 2008

    E39 Buyers Guide 8-2005

    Buying Guide E39 5-Series V8

    Buying Guide E39 M5 Performance BMW August 2011

    Buying Guide E39 M5 Total BMW November 2005

    Buying Guide E39 M5

    E39 Buyers Guide Market Update 5-2009

    BMW 540i Touring E30 1997-2004

    E39 540i 2003 Model Out With a Bang

    BMW E39 M5 Volcano

    ACS S5 Touring

    ACS Touring S5 530d

    Alpina B10 3.2 Smooth Operator

    Alpina B10 3.2 Touring rare Beauty

    Alpina B10 The Big Smoke

    Beast power E39 The Beast Within

    Charged E39 540i Uber Five 518 Bhp

    E39 523i Project

    E39 528i Five of the Best

    E39 528i Fivelimination

    E39 528i Smooth Operator

    E39 528i The Great Pretender

    E39 530i Gang Related

    E39 540i Automatic for the People

    E39 540i Five Alive

    E39 540i Supercharged Candy man

    E39 Alpina B10 4.6 Flying Fortress

    E39 Alpina B10 V8s Feel The Fear

    Harj and Fast Cannonball Run 2003 M5

    Longtemers E39 M5 Year 2001

    Low Lola E39 M5 Supercharged

    E39 Fives Like Father Like Son

    E39 M5 Dark Night

    E39 M5 Evotechnik Mass Five Power

    E39 M5 Heavyweight Champion of the World

    E39 M5 Supercharged Sly Five

    Modified 523i M5 Alive

    Motor Articles

    BMW Engines All About The M50-M52-M54

    M52 Technical Information

    M54 Technical Information

    BMW Engines All About The M60 and M62

    M62 Engine Details

    BMW Engines BMW Legends The S62 V8

    BMW Engines All About The M70-M73

    Diesel Engine Maintenance Guide

    Diesel Engine Maintenance Guide 2

    Other Articles From Magazines

    DIY Electronic Diagnostics

    Audio Upgrades Sound Ideas Part One

    Audio Upgrades Sound Ideas Part Two

    Audio Upgrades Sound Ideas Part Three

    E38 7 Series E39 5 Series Heater Valve Repair

    UK E39 Guide 1

    UK E39 Guide 2

    E39 5-Series Maintenance Guide & Upgrading

    E39 523i-528i Upgrades

    E39 530i Auto Fluid Change and Software Update

    E39 Gets Repaired

    Engine Oil Guide

    Hands On EGR Valve Maintenance

    Hands On Apple Ipod

    Hands On A Current Affair Flat Battery on your BMW

    Hands On E39 530d Downpipe Replacement

    Hands On Ice Upgrade Part One

    Hands On Ice Upgrade Part Two

    Hands On Ice Upgrade Part Three

    Hands On Light Relief Brighten up your E39 Lights

    M5 Group Test Fast-Faster-Fastest E28-E34-E39

    M5 vs M5 Cooking With Gas

    No Smoking E39 M52-M54 DIY Replacement Crankcase Breather Valve

    Project 523i The Car

    Project 523i Part Three

    Project 523i Part Four

    Running Report E39 523i

    Separated at Birth Two M5 E39

    Tech Talk Brakes

    Tech Talk Electronic Diagnostics
    BMW I Own
    E24 1983 635csi Race Car Build (Schnitzer Replica)
    E24 633csi 4 Speed Manual
    E24 635csi /// 1986 4 Speed Auto
    E24 635csi /// 1986 Getrag Manual
    E23 735i 1986 *** 4 Speed Auto

    My Business

    DIY E24 Dash Removal =asc&highlight=

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    Effin awesome

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    Wow. Subscrizzled.

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    Holy treasure trove, Batman!

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    Holy crap! awesome

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    That's an amazing collection! ^_^d

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    Thank you.
    1995 540 M-Sport Cosmos Schwarz on Parchment w/ (Open) 3.15 LSD -

    Current Status : I SOLD HATE MEH... LOVE my car.

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    Thank you!
    e34 `93 525i DD

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    Awesome! Thanks a lot!

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    thanks, brilliant.

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    Loving this, thanks for posting!

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