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Thread: My new 535d, ran striaght in to problems!

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    My new 535d, ran striaght in to problems!

    I purchased my first BM in a few years 3 weeks ago, it is a 2007 535d, 90k miles and had been modded, the previous owner didnt have the car long so I was a little sceptical but got it for the right price, the HPi checked out.

    Anyway I kept getting the DPF fault up so took it to my local garage who confirmed that the DPF filters had been removed from the exhuast inners yet the box still remained with sensors attached, my Mechanic was amazed only the one fault code came up which was 4166 but he didnt know what to do about it. I rang a couple of ECU Remappers/DPF removers to hope that someone could help, I ended up getting out and boy was I in for a shock at what they found. Basically a cowboy had had ago at removing the DPF system from the ECU and just deleted massive blocks of Diagnostic trouble codes from the ECU, I am not sure who did this but would love to find out. Basically around half of my cars DTC's would never have came up if there was a fault, scary. Anyway Performance Remap had to get hold of a standard file and modify that including a tune, now thankfully I have all DTC's working, the DPF properly removed and more power (lots).

    My next problem is the car has developed a failiure with PDC Parking distance control. Lol the joys!! I hope BMW ownership improves plus I have to but 2 new 19" tyres. What brand tyres can anyone recomened?

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    The last 3 or 4 times a bought tires i got the Federal SS-595. Maybe a little bit more noisy than others but everything else is great and the price is really good.

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    I've got 20" Nankangs on mine, for a budget tyre they hold well, are quiet, seem to be wearing well and are budget friendly. As for issues I've had a few myself, gearbox warnings which was resolved by having the transmission fluid changed and the latest was caused by the passenger detecting mat built into the seat. All has been overcome but all unexpected as this is my third BMW in a row but maybe the last E60. Mine has also been remapped by Performance remaps and I'm still amazed by the results. I will be calling them again soon as it's almost time to change cars.


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