Classic 1980 e21 euro 323i

A bit of European BMW history in this Classic E21 323i. The forgotten e21- The Middle child as some call it. The e21 was not well received in the USA (4 cylinder cars only) but the European customers of the early 1980's were different they got the 323i a m20 based six cylinder high revving little beast and some say the first real un-badged "M" car. Set on 4 wheel disc brakes, limited slip diff, and an overdrive 5th gear for the autobahn. This model has from the factory an "S" package with 2 tone cloth Recaro interior that is factory installed in 1980. This car is special, she was hand picked by a well seasoned enthusiast to restore as she is "stock from the factory" with "desired options". No pieces from other cars so she is "REAL", VIN # proves its history, Tastefully federalized with under bumper rear side lights (no holes cut). Euro gauge cluster, Low profile chrome Euro bumpers, Euro lighting wired in at the factory. Car was imported by a BMW tech and went through a dismantle restoration in the early 90's. Approximately 37,000 miles on the car since that was done. Long list of repairs and history. She sits on 14 inch Itilia wheels with Bilstien Sports and Alpina springs. Very fast and corners with ease. Stock Radio with security code, all owners manuals (in German) provided. If you are truly an enthusiast you gotta own Euro e21 323i. Been registered in Oregon with no issues. Spare engine cleaned and dismantled in order, complete with fuel dist., ignition dist.,radiator everything except oil pan. spare engine needs rings - bearings - gaskets sets. Also has boxes of spare parts that includes heater blower.
I have a history list on the car showing only 4 owners and the entire restoration process. This car is clean inside and out and has been so it's entire life. Thanks for looking!

List Date: 1/18/2014
Location: Portland, OR, United States

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